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Cologne, Germany

Born in Cologne, in 1975, but Jamaican soul, Gentleman undoubtedly is one of the most recognized and beloved Reggae / Ragga artists worldwide.

From the young age of 16, Gentleman, traveled to Jamaica, an island he fell in love with and eventually became his second home.  He chased his dream to play Reggae and follow the path of his idol, Bob Marley.

His music is influenced from the characteristic sounds of Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, while he also received an honorary recognition from the Reggae community of Jamaica.

In order to experiment further with his music, he met and studied contemporary artists like Anthony B or Sizzla and introduced himself in the culture of Roots Reggae.

 The dialects he is using are English and Jamaican Patois (Patoua).

Being a nominee and receiver of a variety of music awards, Gentleman, has a diverse and unique music style, crystalized through albums such as '' Superior '' (2004) and '' Diversity '' (2010).

His latest work ''Conversations '' is considered a milestone in his career and the output of a fruitful collaboration with the great musician Ky-Mani Marley, opening  a new chapter in the music career.

His life motto became his main comment about his last release: '' Music can be a great form of conversation, a giving and taking. Ideally it fosters deeper connection and communication between two musicians. The value of such a conversation lies in mutual recognition and appreciation - with the quality dependent on how much one is willing to share with the other ''.