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The main goal is to introduce a specific type of culture to the public and create a unique annual festival in Thessaloniki. Street art belongs to the urban environment and this festival is our way of showing it and familiarize the public with it. Top domestic as well as foreign professional artists will do what they do best for two whole days to show everyone the common forms of modern street art, to show everyone what street art is all about.
Street art is a form of art widely spread across the world with fans and artists increasing rapidly year after year. We believe it is time for our city to show that it has a part in the street art scene! 

The story goes on... After 3 consequent years of implementation, SAF grew, matured and gave fruits. More than 300 international artists from Greece and around the globe have so far participated. More than 40 companies collaborated and still collaborating. More than 25.000 visitors in the 3 years of SAF!
We are taking it to the next level. 2016 is on its way! 
Music concerts, special dance shows, graffiti live action, skate-bmx-inline shows and contests, special gifts and competitions are bursting the adrenaline and reflect the dynamic of the youth and SAF!
Added to all these, from 2015, workshops for dance, animation, comics, DJ's and an artistic exhibition of 47 artists have taken place and give the educational innovative model to the festival's roster of activities. Many surprises to come for the participants and the audience!
All together creating an interaction between arts, two colourful days in the centre of the city, in a place full of young artists and people. A view to the contemporary art through the eyes of the unique creativity of each artist participating. The personal inspiration of each creator as a perspective, the gift of spontaneity and youthful creativity. That's  SAF, that's who we all the young people are. Freedom of our creative spirit and of our actions is unlimited!
Find us! Talk to us! Collaborate with us!


Street Art Festival is considered to be one of the biggest youth festival of Greece and the Balkans. An important and passionate act of expression and recognition of young artists. Four events, more than 100 globally recognized street artists, more than 50 globally recognized music artists. Workshops, Exhibitions, Artistc Interventions and many more consist the corpus of the festival offering a unique experience to the lovers of art and music.
More than 25,000 visitors in the four years of the festival met, co- created and were definately moved 

So... Who we are?

We were fortunate enough to be members of a group of young people filled with concerns, imagination and creativity. For us, ideas are the result of constantly gathering memories, conserns, thoughts and passion. That made the journey of our research even more charming.

In our minds there is art, culture and a flaming desire for new forms of expression, communication and creation. This is what SAF is all about.It started in the former camp of Kodra in Kalamaria.And it was a huge success. More than 40 artists participated in this first edition. Murals brought the colors (street art), music gave the rythm, concerts, performances by djs. For a whole day the former camp of Kodra was filled with young people, music and colors. This move was the ignition, the inspiration and the motivation for more people to join the SAF group. Students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, new “expressions” of the city were now present, supporting this movement in its infancy.The initial idea was to create a meeting point for the artists to freely express their unique form of art and creativity. The goal was to make all these people-artists coexist and give spontaneous mixture of co-creation. The greatest reward of all was that it was a success, having more than 3000 visitors and free entrance.
As the year went passing by, we were surprised to see that Thessaloniki was nominated as the European Youth Capital for 2014.
SAF was a part of it...

In the most important year for our city, 2014, Thessaloniki became an artistic and cultural crossroad. The European Youth Capital. On the 16 and 17th of  June 2014, the International Fair of Thessaloniki (TIF-Helexpo) was reborn through a rare mixture of cultures. Our meeting grew in duration. As of this year the two-day festival embraced more people and stood as a creative springboard for at least twice as many artists as the previous year.

More than 150 artists came together and co-created in an area larger than 1000m², and a stage of a 130sq.m. A mixture of music, dance, painting, action sports and artistic interventions. With the performance of the freshest names of the Greek music scene (The public had the opportunity to communicate directly with the artists, within the very moment of their creation and live the experience side-by-side with them. 


Our cooperations expanded, adding a large number of supporters but especially the Regional Authority of Central Macedonia, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and TIF-Helexpo who embraced SAF, as well as the media both locally and abroad. The event was visited by more than 8,000 guests. It is considered as one of the most dynamic projects included in TIF-Helexpo’s activities. Through it’s two year success the cooperation lasted in duration and the dates for 2015 were set. It was the time for a change. SAF 2015 was on it's way...

For the first time in 2015 SAF and TIF Helexpo joined forces. A mutual collaboration to lift the standards of the organisation.  The initial idea changed. The aim now was SAF to be a european model of festival.
2 days, more than 250 young and recognized artists, 20 hours of  seminars & workshops, 20 hours of live music concerts, more than 70 musicians shared the same stage, 13 globally awarded dance shows from more than 100 dancers, 45 graffiti and  street artists from around the globe gave colour to a 300 m2 wall,
45 artists in an indoors artistic exhibition.  A special squad of volunteers were organised by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Youth sector to help organise the festival.
More than 50 companies cooperated and sponsored SAF. Around 20.000 visitors in the three years of SAF! Moving to the 4th year there were many surprises
and changes around the corner! SAF was awarded from the Robert Bosch Stiftung as an innovative cultural movement and establishment. 
The whole pro
SAF 2016 was a blast! The best yet so far definitely! Our meeting grew in duration a bit more. A three day festival in the beginning of summer is what everybody needs
to start a great holiday's vacations!
A Street Dance Camp has been added to SAF's activities and many more are around the corner. More than 25.000 visitors have so far
participated in SAF, danced, entertained and experienced the magic of what we call a summer festival!

We say thank you all. Mostly we say let's continue! More we say let's come together, let's expand, let's develop what we all started together in 2013! 
In 2017 many surprises are to be expected! For the participants, the audience and the organizers of course!
See you soon...


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