Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind

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Θεσσαλονίκη, Ελλάδα

Four piece alternative/grunge/punk outfit from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band started off in early 2011 as a cover band trio, as Kostas Grammadas (guitar and vocals), Theodore Dodoussis (bass) and Alex Grekos (drums). Following a hiatus period from summer 2011 until spring 2012, the band resumed work and had a live appearance, after which they recorded their first EP, entitled "Powerhouse Dynamics", in August 2013. After a streak of live shows in the Spring of 2014, the fourth member, Andrew Ampatzidis, joined the group to play the guitar and the keyboard. Over the winter of 2015, the band recorded their new demo named "Happen", and independently released their two CDs. The band's first full-length album titled "Forever Knows Best" was released on December 2016.

Apart from the shows which the band frequently organizes and generally takes part in, they have also taken part in the following events:

• Battle of the Bands Semi-finals Thessaloniki 2014
• Texas Summer Fest Athens 2014
• Students' Week AUTh 2015
• Global Battle of the Bands National Finals 2016
• Schoolwave 2016
• Silver Dollar 6th Stars of a Happy Family Fest 2016
• ERT3 Volume Sessions 2016
• Just Radio Fest Kozani 2017